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I Am
Ginger. Chocolate.
Smoke. Broken Tears. Loving smiles.
This is me.  I am.
:icontaro-zenmind:Taro-ZenMind 1 1
Walking Home
I scooped her up. So warm.
Black locks cascading over my arms.
I walk through the seasons.
Eternity comes and goes,
Bringing with it her breath,
In the quiet, without a word.
Surrounded by headstones,
an empty hole.
I descend, only to return.
Without a kiss.
Like walking her home.
:icontaro-zenmind:Taro-ZenMind 1 3
To begin my Journal... Sin
To begin my philosophical writings I'd like to say that there will be no necessary structure;  this very endeavor, being in the subject of life, shall take
its formlessness.  With that said, I welcome all comments, even to the point of my comment section becoming the nexus for debates.  I have a project already
in mind, but other details and observations shall fall under the same category, my philosophy journal.  Life observations are of course open to challenge and
such.  Except for Allie (jk)!
I'd like to begin with the classification of human error.  Sin is my topic.  Though I'm not sure where the concept came from, there has been talk of "Seven
Deadly Sins." at some point in the past.  While my nature was to dismiss this as myth, on closer inspection, I found that indeed there seem to be seven
spirits of error in the human experience.  While the words don't necessarily describe them perfectly,
:icontaro-zenmind:Taro-ZenMind 1 7
the loyal few
To you who are ragged,
To you who are broken,
To you with desire...
A thirst quenched yet an endless hunger.
To you who keep the tired memory of when life began,
To you who will not forget the circle that lies incomplete,
To you who sit under the hammer...
Dying in your own forge to shield weakness of the dearest heart.
To you whose bones are given and can wear no flesh,
To you whose name is signed in blood,
To you whose nakedness is forsaken...
That you must clothe yourself in shadowed shame.
To you who choose death over fear.
To you who give your life... and your future...
To the loyal few...
It is my honor to die with you.
:icontaro-zenmind:Taro-ZenMind 1 6
Dew falls from the first leaves,
The drums are his beating heart.
a chorus of voices mark the somber town.
Footsteps fall.
Footsteps clad in the black of the revolution.
No regrets has he,
surrounded by walking justice.
Every step to the platform,
each and every stair,
echoes, painful ascension.
His pale neck stretches out again,
ready for an end, the act familiar.
Eyes closed, he calls to mind
the only face that ever knew him.
Dawn breaks his blind horizon
only to hear his whisper.
"You... are my hero."
:icontaro-zenmind:Taro-ZenMind 1 7
Mature content
Forge of Damnation :icontaro-zenmind:Taro-ZenMind 2 4
With your heart on the road
And the breeze in my hair,
I think back to my name
And the irony that i wear.
It's a smile full of love
And i know that you're my
My friend
you're free
and I'm yours.
:icontaro-zenmind:Taro-ZenMind 0 16
Mature content
Heart of Ska :icontaro-zenmind:Taro-ZenMind 0 1
Chains in the dark.
Steel beats flesh.
Over my arms.
Over my eyes.
About my chest.
Deep and away.
Behind bars.
Behind doors.
Abyssal silence.
So far away.
And why not...?
Light through these bars
would only stripe my back.
:icontaro-zenmind:Taro-ZenMind 0 0
From Where I Sit
From where I sit
In the swing on the quad
In the lines of the twig shaped shade
I smell the cedar mulch
I feel the spring's warmth
The planet's breath
Its peoples breath
Changing their seasons
I move with these
Yet in their flow...
I am
:icontaro-zenmind:Taro-ZenMind 1 6
Her hand moves to his
lacing his fingers.
His lips to hers,
to find her soft kiss.
His hand moves across
the small of her back.
She grasps at his shirt
and the fabric comes off.
Their clothes fall down.
Their breath grows sharp.
His hands on her waist.
Her hands on his neck.
They close their eyes and day takes their world.
She kneels, he kneels.
They recieve their gift.
A shining white breath,
to robe their flesh.
They take hands
     they stand
     and in their eyes they whisper
     "Let's go together"
:icontaro-zenmind:Taro-ZenMind 0 7
I fall on my face
I cast off my crown
Your light is too much
Though Hell surrounds
Your ways are too high
I cannot attain
I cannot make sense
of Your Fire and Rain
So I fall on my face
in Your grace I trust
Save Her from fear
King, save Me from lust
...and should it be in Your Eyes
Let her have a ray
Let there be a flood
Let all fears dissolve
In a drop of your Blood
:icontaro-zenmind:Taro-ZenMind 2 3
Desert Rain
Desert Rain
For all the golden sunshine
There was no drop of rain
To quench my throat in desert lands
But then I saw your cloud
Most look and see a storm to fear
But I look and see a home
A place within a tempest
A place to kneel and rest
When I begged for a drop
You came to give me the sky
Do not fear to drown me out
It's how I'd rather die
And when you see some water
On my face, do not think tears
You'll never know how your waters
have touched my pains and fears.
My love will be a ray to return you to the blue.
:icontaro-zenmind:Taro-ZenMind 1 5
A Dream to Remember
A Dream to Remember
I loved her...
It hurt...
when she drug me...
out of the dust...
and into a dream...
made me remember...
she told me to never give up...
she asked me to never stop standing...
and then...
she left...
Back in December... twas a Dream to Remember.
At first I cried!
Then along with tears.
A laughter filled my eyes
and I made for the horizon.
So never forget;
find a dream to remember.
The story never dies;
Be something to never forget.
Walk on with your memory into the horizon.
To those who turned, twas just another page.
I set my sail into the wind.
Her breath blew the sea into rage,
But the sails on my ship never come down!
So never forget;
find a dream to remember.
The story never dies;
Be something to never forget.
Sail on with your memory into the horizon.
A black castle loomed on the shore.
The Voice say to kill what's inside.
I want it all so I've got to give  more.
Thus I march on to Hell's gate.
Until it's over we search for the end.
Our battle cry, a
:icontaro-zenmind:Taro-ZenMind 6 10
sliping on the narrows,
shadows' hands claw
with greed for you.
making man empty like these verses.
a bell on the storm tossed sea
tolls, pitchless, for those who hear.
and silence is the response of the barred sky.
:icontaro-zenmind:Taro-ZenMind 1 0
Oak Faith
mighty and tall strong Oak
you grew from a little seed.
burrows into the ground and sleeps.
when it awakes, green, it climbs through the earth,
bursts forth and breathes it's first breath.
it tries to climb higher, but
it needs a place to stand.
the foundation grows as it reaches for the sky.
the little grasping hands
grow thick with power
in pursuit of the sun.
your ambition has made you great seed.
you never forgot where you started
but it never kept you down.
be they beautiful and delicate
or tall and mighty
your leafy brethren
stay silently true.
:icontaro-zenmind:Taro-ZenMind 1 0


Diglett by spookydoom Diglett :iconspookydoom:spookydoom 1,356 461 Y HALO THAR by ari-ku Y HALO THAR :iconari-ku:ari-ku 2 3
First Time
First time
Blood drips silently from a newborn cavity
But you hear it clearly,
Each dribble like a pulse
You're plowing down all walls-
All barriers crashing down.
Caving on your lungs
Blissful suffocation
It's too late for remorse
Nothing stops you now
It feels better every time.
A madness that enslaves
A safer, calmer mind,
Injecting pure exhilaration
In every taste
touch, and
You break your better nature as
your laughter follows tears...
Your body shakes to the sound
of adrenaline and exhaustion
A numbness strips you of all thought
As you raise the gun again
One more bullet
One more high
Your first kill kills two,
First time.
:iconari-ku:ari-ku 3 4
The Problem of Evil
“He who does not punish evil commands it to be done.”
- Leonardo Da Vinci
“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is impotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Whence then is evil?” - Epicurus
This essay will look at one of the arguments against the existence of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic (Abrahamic) concept of a god and the defence offered up against it. Before we start looking at the arguments, it's important to understand what they're addressing, the god in question is not the one described in the details of the Torah, Bible or Quoran, it is however the one often talked about by theologians as the monotheistic god of choice. This god is described as being all powerful (omnipotent) all knowing (omniscient) and perfectly good (omnibenevolent). The argument against this god known as the problem of evil states that such a being cannot exist based on the world around us now.
The argument from evil can bas
:iconcaoimhinfearghul:CaoimhinFearghul 4 2
A lonely echo of a keen
In a quiet canyon, a solemn stair,
Ripples the settled peace so rare
And shadows so serene.
We are angels from above,
Fallen angels seeking grace,
Living among the human race,
Wizened by the pain of love.
We have suffered enlightenment,
Our wings are dry, dusty, and cracked,
Our shoulders with our sorrows racked
But new wings from heav'n weren't sent.
In our restless wanderings
We paid the price for attachment,
Now alone in naught but detachment,
Loving words were our squanderings.
Those we loved with all our being,
In love, so unrequited,
Those we could never have quitted,
Have been lost; our memories of future are now fleeting.
Unheeding ubiquitous despair, Time goes on
Leaving us solitary lovers stilled in the dust.
We have hoped its Wheel might stop with rust
But each new day brings another dawn.
Each new day brings another dawn,
Making us rise, bittered and raw.
No one will taste ever what we once saw,
And into the darkness we are drawn.
Into the stillness
:iconjdla:JDLA 6 4
The door opens,
Swinging wide,
A shadowed figure
Steps inside
A dark room
Outshined by
The light behind him,
The fiery sky.
He lifts his hand:
Not one step near.
But from afar
Light shines 'round his ear.
Golden hair and
Eyes shocking blue;
A flight suit
Of navy hue.
Yet for one human
Standing there,
Seeing his forceful gaze
And haloed hair,
An angel he seemed
Standing in blinding light
Before the cockpit door closed
And the miracle was out of sight.
:iconjdla:JDLA 2 25
Make Love- Not War
Fighting a war
That was doomed to start
Fighting a war
A war of the heart
Fighting a war
With the forces of Hell
Fighting a war
With one I know well
Fighting a war
With casualties, two
Fighting a war
To start life anew
Fighting a war
With all that I've got
Fighting a war
For all that I've sought
Fighting a war
Feeling each blow
Fighting a war
My movements are slow
Ending a war
Forces grow thinner
Ending a war
Who will be the winner?
Ending a war
My dear, never fear
Ending a war
The fighting stops here
:iconari-ku:ari-ku 1 5
Balance Beam
One simple shift of weight
Is all it takes to fall
When you're walking the line
You have to stand tall
Don't listen to the cheers
Don't listen to the jeers
One turn of the head
That's all it takes to fall
Keep your eyes turned ahead
Focus only on the prize
Cause one glance away is all it takes
That's all it takes to fall
:iconari-ku:ari-ku 2 4



Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: In the heart
Favourite genre of music: Food!
Favourite photographer: My MOM
Favourite style of art: naked!
Operating System: ??????
MP3 player of choice: T.T
Shell of choice: Cheese
Wallpaper of choice: ROCKS!
Skin of choice: well... ^//^
Favourite cartoon character: Haruko Haruhara
Personal Quote: The solutions are only present when the question is more important than the answer.
  • Listening to: awesome
  • Reading: awesome
  • Watching: awesome
  • Playing: awesome
  • Eating: awesome
  • Drinking: awesome
So as i've begun to write again... and i've decided that poetry is subjective.  Take my soul, but keep your mind.  I don't expect you to think anything certain, but i expect you to feel.


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